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enzo warmly welcomes you to our charming sandstone restaurant. . .

as the story goes, ‘enzo’ has been established since 1996, yes one of the original cafes in wine country pokolbin! When there were dirt roads ‘n stuff!

we are historically known for our alfresco dining and 7 days trade throughout our years!

over the years this once upon a time homestead, home to the Ireland’s, has expanded and evolved to become the home of Enzo.

original fittings of the kitchen areas and fireplace still remain untouched.

hand cut sandstone, laid by hand, and the hardwood beams from the wharf of sydney harbour, create the lived-in feel that people return for.

we welcome you to our home of dining, celebrating and good times, and ask you to continue to share with us. Enjoy!

About Us



David Warren

David Warren

Head Chef

David Warren

seven minutes with chef

most people don’t know this but… i think im sexy.

my worst habit… talking too much.

the thing i dislike the most… late apprentices.

my favourite food… my wife’s cooking.

my pet hate… having to wear underwear.

the most embarrassing thing that ever happen to me… sending a text to my father which was meant for my wife.

i like… metallica, but i love… celtic women.

if i were a super hero i’d be… the invisible man.

im scared of… cranky women.

i am a true fan of… romance.

my most recognisable feature… my good looks.

the thing i most value… my morals.

my all-time hero… my dad.

my mantra… my veggie garden.

the highlight of my day… first coffee at enzos.

when i look in the mirror i see… a sexy man.

Trading Hours

Trading Hours



FRIDAY 9 – 5

SATURDAY 830 – 5

SUNDAY 8 – 4